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Use The Force

Forget Your Weaknesses, Use The Force

20% of work gets 80% of the results. Don’t let your weaknesses stand in your way, focus on your strengths.

You can’t be good at everything

That practically impossible. Just maintaining an average level at everything would require a massive amount of work. But (Captain Obvious’s back in the place), days only last 24 hours.

You have to focus on what you’re already good at, so you can become very good at it, then expert, then.. master it ?


What are you not good at ? You’ll have to identify those fields.

But be honest, realistic, and don’t delude yourself. It’s not necessarily a lack of skill, it may just be because you’re not enjoying doing that specific thing, you think it’s not fun, not worth the time, etc. It should not affect your self-perception. It’s fine to not be good at something, it does not make you a bad person.

You’re not good at public relationship, because you’re not at ease while dealing with people ? Fine. Next step.

Now list your strengths. There are a bunch of stuff you’re good at. May that be because you’re skilled, or you’re having so much fun doing that, or even extremely passionate. Do public speaking brings you so much joy that you’re already doing pretty well at it ? That’s one of your strengths. Now …


20% of work gets 80% of the results. The other 20% don’t worth your time working on your weaknesses. Stop losing time trying to improve those fields. Focus on your strengths.

If you’re struggling doing something, chances are you probably always will. Or it will require a lot of work, unhappiness and, sometimes, pain. Still, it would probably seem like an amateur job.

On the other side, working on your strengths is really worth it. Your progress will be fast, smooth, and rewarding. Your job will appear more and more professional, and you’ll quickly gain credibility.

And think about it: is it better going from good to expert, or from not good to average ?

Focus on your strengths, delegate (or outsource) the rest.

Use the force, Luke.

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