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My Paris Web's first time (as a speaker)

My Paris Web’s first time (as a speaker)

2 years ago, I wrote about my impressions on my first time at Paris Web (FR), as a audience member.
Today, episode 2, let’s write about the speaker side !

As I explained here (FR), this year I proposed a talk to Paris Web, without really believing I could be chosen. Without really believing because the event is REALLY famous, because some famous guys have been giving talks, imposter syndrom, Murphy’s law etc…anyway, the talk has been chosen, and I started to seriously freak out 😀

But the staff did a really great organization/involvement/attentive job… Everything is done so the speaker can focus on the only important thing: his/her talk. Logistics are effective, mail support is fast… Great !

Pampered like Care Bears

Paris Web is a spirit, a specific atmosphere, with candies, unicorns, and Care Bears. Since I didn’t know a lot a people IRL in the staff team, I was wondering how I was going to be welcomed as a “rookie”. Let me reassure you: propose talks. Rookie or not, as soon as you meet the team you’re part of the big Paris Web’s family.

Throughout the event, meeting a staff member forces you to answer this painful question: “Do you have everything you need, are you ok ?” (yeah, they’re really annoying, aren’t they ? 😀 ). If you need anything, the staff is here to help.

I’m not being flattering or acting like a fanboy here, it’s just a real, sincere statement after 3 wonderful days (and nights) during which I met awesome people, during which I forgot that my job was sometimes a pain in the a**, during which I remembered that these events, these people were mostly the reason why I loved my job.

They need us

licorne we need you

But from now on, the event needs me, you, everybody. Paris Web celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it’s still possible that an 11th edition may never exist. In case you weren’t during the staff talk on Friday, most of the members from 2015 team won’t be on 2016 team, if a 2016 edition were to take place. As you understood, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to let down such a unifying and good-for-our-mental-health event.
So you can send an email to contact[at]paris-web[pt]fr to tell them you’d like to be part of the team, talk about your ideas or simply to tell the staff members they’ve been doing a great job during the last 10 years.

As for me, it’s already done !

Once again, i’d really like to thank the staff members, speakers, audience, translators… for those awesome moments !



  • Karl Groves

    I’ve had the privilege of speaking at Paris Web twice and both times were really incredible. Everything about Paris Web is great. The organizers are top-notch people. As a speaker, they do a great job helping you both before and during the event to make sure everything goes smoothly. They always have a great slate of speakers as well. Although I don’t speak French, the bits & pieces of other presentations that I did attend left me feeling like the presentations at Paris Web are top-notch learning opportunities for attendees. In short, it is the best conference I’ve ever spoken at, and I hope they continue to have it in 2016 and beyond.

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