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Useful links of the week, May 24th 2015

Do not miss: useful links of the week, May 24th 2015

I’ll post here, each week, some links about Web, Design, Technology etc. that I found useful, interesting or even funny. Here’s this week selection:

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes Logo

Yahoo Pipes Logo

Found this one thanks to Eric Daspet. Yahoo Pipes allows you to “aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web”. Basically, you can grab any form of content, manipulate it (truncate, filter…) and post it, as a RSS Feed for instance.

It could be a good additional solution to IFTT, or Zapier. I use it to automatically schedule repost of blog entries that was posted 2 days before.

Not that you need a Yahoo account to use Yahoo Pipes.


Tynker Logo

Tynker Logo

Tynker is a platform to teach children how to code. They can develop web apps, build custom games, create science projects, interface stuff with hardware… Based mainly on a “block” interface (like Scratch), it will help the children to grasp the development logic, without having to learn a programming language.

There are also 2 specific sections, one for parents and one for educator. You can sign up for free!


Memrise Logo

Memrise Logo

Do you know the flashcard system ? Well Memrise pushes it further ! The website claims more than 300k courses, even if some seem to be some duplicates. Still, you can learn a lot of stuff. The website is oriented towards foreign languages, but you can also take some general courses, such as History, Chemistry, Business, Law …)

The interface is really nice, and the solution is effective. After having “planted” new memories, Memrise helps you “grow” them easily. Plus, you can challenge your friends: check your friend leaderboard to see who has learned the most !

You can sign up for free, and use both the website and the mobile app.


See you next week !

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